Do you have an office? 

Yes and no.  We have small studios and workshops that we work out of independently or in small groups.  We do not have a big traditional studio where everyone works 9-5.  We meet when we need to and keep things as efficient as possible.  This is how we keep costs competitive. 

Do you have the hardware and software needed to fully develop a product? 

Absolutely.  We use the same industry standard equipment that all design firms use.  We sketch on Cintiq's and/or iPad pro's, Render Keyshot and Adobe Suite, model in SolidWorks 2014/15/16, have access to 3D printers, milling machines, and any prototyping equipment you can imagine.  Our shops are fully equipped with every tool we need from die grinders to band saw's to MIG welders.   

Who do I work with if I develop a product with Boston Labs?

It depends on your project needs, but you will always work with either Bryce or Kurt.  Sometimes we work independently as an extension of your larger team, other times we manage the project and bring in mechanical and electrical engineers.