our 'labs'


We always want to work with the best of the best, no matter where they live, no matter where their LAB is.  BL is a network of designers, engineers, manufacturing experts and factory partners all over the world.  ​With the flexibility of virtually connected independent Labs we can scale to 'meet' your demand wherever you are.

Our core competency is taking concepts from SKETCH TO MARKET.  We do this through an immersive WHITE GLOVE design process and communicating with everyone from our clients to our factories as partners.  Every project is a unique journey but our process is universal and has produced award-winning products in the medical, wearables, juvenile, agriculture, softgoods, furniture and connected home categories.

We're grateful that some of our designs were able to benefit from investment by The Sharks.  However, that isn't the path for everyone.  We coined the phrase CREATIVE CAPITAL many years ago when we realized that ideas often need support well before they are ready for a VC pitch.  Creative Capital is an investment in your product through offset development fees.  Our level of investment is determined by our proprietary Risk Calculator.